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Written by Dominik   
Sunday, 30 January 2011 23:17

The robot's gait are performed according to it's kinematical structure. All gaits patterns are fully parametrized, it give the possibility of adjusting walking speed, the distance of the platform from the ground and the gait type.

Download 9MB (walking)
Download 7MB (gymnastics)

The gait patterns are fully parametrized. It is possible to walk slantwise, along the arc with different length of gait. Example video.
Download 5,5MB (walking - different gait parameters)

Wavegait - it is slow but has its adventages. Curious realization is shown below.
Download 11MB (walking - wavegait)

Wavegait - traditional realization.
Download 4MB i walterrking forward and turning around simultaneously(4MB)

Adaptation to terrain slope

Compansation of the terrain slope by using accelerometers. Example movie:

Download 7,5MB (Adaptation to the terrain slope)

New capabilities

Experimants with evolutionary robotics:

Download 3,1MB (conference IROS2008)

Pobierz 6.6MB - Evolutionary evolved gait was used to cover flat terrain (pavement as an example)

Download 15,8MB (Teleoperation by using gamepad)

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